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Below are a few simple examples.

(names removed due to client confidiality)

Engineering design improvement

  • Advised leading bus manufacturer during design and production phases of new products including Hybrid Articulated vehicle.

Increased output

  • Due to a factory re-organisation, a department had to move to a smaller area and increase output. Using negotiation with workforce and designers, new working practices were developed along with suitable outsourcing. this led to double the output from just over half the area using slightly less operators.

Reduced costs

  • An old but successful design was proving too costly for the marketplace. After review of competition, suggestions were made that reduced part count from 137 to 84, thus cutting assembly time, inventory and manufacturing costs.

Improved quality

  • A Swiss supplier sent product that was not suitably corrosion protected. After numerous complaints, the senior managers in the supply firm were shown the problems face to face, key members of the workforce trained, and suitable constraints agreed. All further product was received properly corrosion protected.

Improved Design

  • Multiple examples of key design changes that saved assembly time, improved quality and reduced possibility of errors. Many of these improvments when the firm's designers had given up hope of finding an economical solution.

Interim Management

  • Stepped in where a manager was off due to stress and ran department during recovery.

    Stepped in and ran a department in a firm when manager was unable to run department due to injury


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