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RM solutions for engineering and business issues - RM Solutions (NI) Ltd
Innovative and radically different


RM Solutions (NI) Ltd

A consultancy company in the engineering business sector.

FREE initial consultation!

The company seeks to provide clients with innovative but practical solutions and new opportunities presented by your engineering or business problems.

Need more time?               Try our executive coaching and training in Time Management.

Need a new product?           We can at least help you to learn innovation techniques.

Need production efficiency raised?       Let us help with value stream analysis etc.

Need more produced?         We will have answers.

Need better methods?         We will provide solutions.

Need safer methods?       Try us for alternatives.

Need better quality?       We can suggest various methods.

Need training?       We can supply training in engineering, Management, etc.

Need ???????          Try RM Solutions (NI) Ltd. Together we can do it! 

Need Interim Management?  This can be provided!

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